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Screw logic. Redoing "the bog" and "the arctic" into..

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Screw logic. Redoing "the bog" and "the arctic" into..

A Genesis Story

Chapter 1.

Seasnake awoke in her wood and clay hut to a sharp peck from her dodo, Midnight. Midnight stood on the floor, pecking her ear.

"Alright! Alright! I'm up!" Seasnake got up and put her fur suit on, carrying Midnight outside the hut. She glanced around.

Metal gates and walls surrounded the road full of huts, stores, the blacksmith and more as it lead to the stone building, containing Leader Salvonn. She put Midnight in her pen next to Bog, her bary.

Seasnake walked over to the Leader's Hut, which was bigger than just a hut. The primitive tribe, named Metalcon Xenogenesis, or just Xenogenesis, had about thirty people living inside, including Seasnake. They had a rival tribe, Golfire Keep, which had about the same number of people.

Seasnake got to the Leader's door. She knocked carefully, thinking. The door opened.

"Hello," the gruff-bearded man shivered, his dark skin flaked with snow.

"I think we should do something about the raids from Golfire Keep. I think we need to obliterate them." Seasnake suggested suddenly, getting straight to the point.

A slightly surprised emotion formed on Sulvonn's face. "That's a good idea. We'll discuss it with Fenou and Calios."

Fenou and Calios were to battle-ready people in the tribe, with very smart plans. They planned every war and fight with pure intellect.

"Alright. Should I help Galok and Hudyian?" Seasnake suggested. Galok was the blacksmith and Hudyian was the craftswoman.

"Good idea. We may not fight, though." Salvonn informed.

Seasnake nodded and walked away.

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