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The Arctic

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The Arctic

Chapter 6-A Tribe?

I trotted on with Bog. Vine stumbled on as Tarantula swung around the mountain. I passed a few icy frozen lakes and forests made of pine. I came up to a curve around the mountain and swerved in. A gigantic metal wall stretched across the area in a circle, with giant gates. I gasped. "Another survivor! Or, a lot." I whispered. There was two people with thylacos at the gate to guard.

"Hello," I introduced myself. "I'm Seasnake.. Who are all of you?"

One of the men snorted, and grabbed a pike. "If you want to join our tribe, you gotta have five tames and trust."

I didn't mean it like that, but I was alone all the time, so who wouldn't take the offer?

I nodded briefly and left Vine and Tarantula at a small dent in the boulders I could barley call a cave. I spotted a lake, and thought I should try to get tames there.

Bog shivered and bounded over rocks as I pointed to the direction. I spotted a crest over the next boulder, a SPINO crest. They didn't live here, and when we turned the corner, it stayed close to the boulder. It had a weathered saddle, and it was horrified. It looked at me with wide, scared eyes. Then I realized; this was an abandoned juvenile spino! His red scales shone as

I got off of Bog and handed the spino some stored meat. He took it gratefully, and he ran up to me, flopping down at my feet.

He looked malnourished, and I saw all his ribs. I patted his back and took the saddle off of him. I saw something on the saddle. A word. It said "Vol".

"Vol.. Vol. The name." I guessed aloud. "Who would do such a thing to you like that, Vol?"

Vol stared at me and got up to follow Bog, eager to move again. I tamed a dodo just to get in, naming the black lump of feathers "Midnight." I carried then back with Vine and Tarantula.

I spotted the guards.

"There! Here are my tames." I shouted, a bit too excited all of the sudden for a "tribe."

"Hmph. You can stay with us for a while." He huffed. "Open the gates!"

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