Land of the Broken- Chapter 4

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Land of the Broken- Chapter 4

There was a skeleton lying in the trench, charred almost to dust by the lava. Sean stood at the edge gasping for breath as the grandmaster’s Tek sword split through his torso. He coughed blood.

“You will die now.” The Grandmaster cackled. “Die in the fire like your little friend there.”

Sean was gasping for air, and for life. Ever since the Dragonslayers took him in, he had been so grateful. His life as an outcast had ended that day.

His life as a whole was ending this day.

He had promised to win the fight for everyone. For all of Valguero.

And now he had failed. His tames would die, his friends would die...

The snow whirled around him as he stared down at the lava. He was so close, to victory, but he was at his end.

“Time’s up.” The grandmaster said, breathing heavily.

“Not in my ark.” Sean said. He stood up.

Sean awoke in a sea of blood. He couldn’t move he couldn’t breathe. He was dying again-

Okay, this time he woke up for real. There was a knocking on his door. He lived in a well-fortified stone base balanced on the massive vines of the blue.

“Hello?” The person said. When Sean didn’t answer, they knocked harder. Then they kicked the door down.


“They sent you to me?” Sean raised his eyebrows. “Am I that popular?”

“I suppose so.” The old man named Chiron said. Those Blue Fist weirdos kept trying to eat our ravagers.”

Sean rolled his eyes. “So you’re baseless and stupid enough to mangle with the Blue Fists. Here, you can stay at my place for a while.”

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