Never to be free pt eight (sorry for the late post 😳)

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Never to be free pt eight (sorry for the late post 😳)

Dan had Noro on his shoulder. He was exploring what looked like an ancient battlefield. “What happened here…? He wondered aloud. He found something shiny sticking out of the ground. What in the…? He murmured. Dan picked it up. It looked like an un assembled machine. “Good thing I brought my tool box,” Dan mused. Dan then worked on that same machine for hours upon hours. When he had finished it, he pressed a certain button that turned the machine on. “BZZZT. Hello! I am R03, or Roe if you prefer. Are you Dan? Family member of… Dash?” Dan was to shocked to reply back then. This machine knew his grandpa? The one that was caring for him like a father? “ How do you know my grandpa?,” Dan stayed quietly. “He was my owner before the army of-BZzZT KRRSH KBZZZT” then Roe shut down. His solar battery was low. “Time to recharge Roe. Im gonna need some answers. And fast.”

Tina originals. Next chapter in shadowmane! 😊👍 hope im doing well people!

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