Never to be free: pt seven.

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Never to be free: pt seven.

“Warning! Systems on siege! Proceed to shutdown?” An enforcer was being attacked by a fleet of corrupted creatures, black and empty eyes ruthlessly searching, searching, searching. And they had found him. “Proceed to shutdown system,” the enforcer said to himself.

“Roe! ROE NOOO!” Dash, Roe’s survivor (Roe is the enforcer), screamed as he prepared to eliminate the creatures. “Cleansing-BZZT- cleansing-creatures-KRRRSH BZZT- goodbye Dash! May your relatives find me!” And with that, Roe exploded, eliminating all the infected creatures. But he had dropped something valuable behind. An un assembled him. Now the plague of Rockwell was gone. That was the last fleet, the last doses…. But it wasn’t even the beginning.


Dash was older than imaginable. He was going to finish this, the war of Rockwell, once and for all. For Roe. For family. He was at the main lab. “And now this ends, Rockwell! NO MORE CORRUPTION!!” He was about to press the button when….

“Dash… Dash!” “Ann!?,” Dash stuttered. “Ann! Where are you!” “Right here Dasssssssh.” And there, right behind him, was none other than Ann… but not the Ann he knew. Ann had been corrupted. “Join me, Dasssssh,” Ann and other heads said in unison, “Join Rockwell. We will finally be together! Forever…” Dash did something unimaginable then. He joined Rockwell. And broke his promise to Roe and all his family… as well as the world. He was Rockwell’s in an instant.

Tina originals. Next chapter in enforcer! Again…. Hey guys, please give me any tips you have in shadowmane or achantia (the snail.) thanks! Hope your liking the story! 😶👍

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