Corrupted Earth

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Corrupted Earth

Episode 12: the sky titan

Before we start this, do keep in mind I am making the desert Titan way bigger than it is, it could be a fully kitted, large sky base that could fit multiple tames. Ok, now that that’s out of they way, let’s continue.

Once everyone was teleported out side, they weren’t that far away from the alpha tribe’s desert base. Dasher heard a few gun shots, probably to kill the person who had activated the terminal.

“He’s dead, sir.” Said a person near the corpse.

“We have bigger things to deal with, we can’t stick around he-“ Dan was cut off by the walls of the desert dome falling down and a huge titan appearing. A huge shape loomed in the sky, covering a lot of the dome. Dasher saw a ton of red argentavis, all with riders, fly up to the titan.

“Well, I’ve been waiting for you for a while now.” Said a voice. Dasher looked around a saw a man in a dark red tek suit (I think it is dark red, atleast.) on a red velonasaur.

“My scouts reported that you were exploring the cave in the desert dome, we decided to let you do it, and now you’ve fallen into our trap.” Said the person in the dark red tek suit. He patted his velonasaur and then it opened fire. Dasher quickly enabled his shield. The shield broke within 5 seconds of firing.

“Retreat!” Said Dan. The remaining troops ran away, but they were gunned down before they could. Dan had hopped onto Dasher, who was climbing a wall up to a high mountain where they couldn’t be hit. The titan still loomed over them, but Dan explained that if anything like this was to happen, they fall back to the snow dome underground base. Dasher was able to escape the desert dome and the desert Titan. Now Dan and Dasher were in the wastelands. The travel wasn’t too hard, Dan was in his desert cloth gear, which made him immune to the extreme heat. After not too long, while encountering a good amount of corrupted creatures which were easily killed, they made it to the snow dome.

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