Corrupted Earth

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Corrupted Earth

Episode 10: the meeting

Daniel led Dasher to the leader. Once they got there, a tall, buff looking man sat in a chair.

“I’ve been waiting for you, Dasher.” Said the leader.

“How do you know my name?” Asked Dasher.

“Through the simulation.” Replied the leader.

“Daniel, this will be a private meeting. I must request that you exit the room.” Said the leader. Daniel exited the room, and then the meeting began.

“So, Dasher. I offer you a mission. You see, my scouts have been scouting the desert dome, and have reported to have found a strange cave. Now, they didn’t enter it, seeing that it was guarded by many aggressive creatures. If you go in there with my troops and figure out what’s down there, then my tech doctors will give you another upgrade.” Said the leader. A man rushed into the room, and quickly said “The alpha tribe!”

“Did they find us?” Asked the leader.

“O-only a few scouts. Only velonasaurs, sir.” Said the man.

“Dasher, you should go deal with this. Come back once you have dispatched them. Dasher rushed out of the room, ready the fight, leaving the man behind. He ran to the fight, and saw people behind cover. There were 3 velonasaurs. Dasher enable his shield and walked as fast as he could. The shield blocked the entire corridor, allowing for an easy fight. More men left their cover once Dasher had passed by. Then, the shield broke, but everyone was close enough to kill the Velonasaurs. The Velonasaurs killed a good amount of men, but eventually the Velonasaurs died. After checking to see if the Velonasaurs were still alive, Dasher headed back to the leader.

“Welcome back, Dasher. Do you accept the offer?” Said the Leader.

“I accept.” Said Dasher.

“Good, we will have troops ready by tomorrow. Be ready for a battle tomorrow, new recruit. Meeting dismissed.” Said the leader.

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