Corrupted Earth

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Corrupted Earth

Episode 8: ???

“We might have to dismantle it if it doesn’t wake up.” A voice said.


“How do you know that?” Said the voice that suggested dismantling Dasher. Then, Dasher got up and knocked down one of the humans. Right when he was about to kill the human, the other one said “Wait! We weren’t going to dismantle you, we require a few things from you.” Dasher kept his sharp, metal claw right over the human’s heart who he knocked over.

“Now, just move your foot, I can kill you right now, while your weak.” Said the human who was standing. Dasher moved his foot, knowing that they could easily obliterate him if they chose to.

“Now, my name is Daniel, I need you to follow me. The other one is George.” Said Daniel. Dasher walked over to Daniel and followed him through a long corridor that had many rooms.

“What is this place?” Asked Dasher.

“This is the underground base. Some of us used to be with the alpha tribe, but they realized the tribe was corrupt, and so they joined us, a resistance against the alpha tribe, also known as the underground deathworms. And I am pretty sure you got raided by the alpha tribe, yes?” Said Daniel.

“That would be correct. I haven’t given you a name yet, so my name is Dasher.” Said Dasher.

“Damn, you got swarmed. They used a good amount of quetzals. I suppose you found a power source, since you used most of your power to survive the fall.” Said Daniel.

“Yes. I found a element shard and took the risk. Luckily I didn’t get corrupted.” Said Dasher.

“Our tech doctors are going to give you a few upgrades, a temporary shield and an extra boost.” Said Daniel. Right as Daniel said that, they reached the room.

“How is he doing?” Asked one of the tech doctors.

“He’s doing just fine.” Replied Daniel.

“Right, Mister enforcer, we need you to stand still while we install the upgrades.” Said the tech doctor.

* * *

The upgrades were installed. It stung a bit, but now Dasher had a extra dash.

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