Corrupted Earth

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Corrupted Earth

Episode 4: The raid (this battle takes place on top of a building)

The alpha tribe had somehow followed Dasher. A quetz flew by, and two Velonasaurs invaded. Dasher’s owner ran behind cover, hoping to survive. Dasher dashed at one of them, getting a decent hit on the creatures leg. Dasher tried to be as quick as he could, taking advantage of how slow the Velonasaur’s turning was. Dasher was able to get behind the velonasaur he had hit before, and hit the same leg, injuring it. Dasher quickly hit the Velonasaur’s other leg until it fell to the ground, where Dasher easily finished. The other velonasaur was near the edge, allowing Dasher to ram into the velonasaur, knocking it off the building. Another quetz came, with dire wolves. Luckily, Dashers owner had let out all of his tames, allowing them to fight. More quetzals came, with more creatures. At this point, nobody was able to tell who was winning. All that could really be seen was snow owls, Velonasaurs, dire wolves, raptors, and much more. And then, another quetzal came, this time it stayed higher and had three Velonasaurs on it. It stayed higher in the air, laying support fire. After many of the creatures died, there was only very few. A final quetzal came, but it had a multiple creatures, and was built on. Three humans with tek armour jumped off of the quetz, landing on the building. a red velonasaur also jumped onto the building, along with a red managarmr, and a snow owl.

“So,” the one in the front said, who was most likely the leader, “you’ve put up a fight, especially your enforcer, we crushed the red army, and we’ll dominate earth, and control it.” Said the leader.

“Your enforcer also stole some materials, although he was very sneaky, it wasn’t enough. Now you all die!” Said the leader. He pulled out a tek sword. Snow the snow owl was also there, and was the first to die. The person in the bright red tek armour hopped onto the red velonasaur, and killed Snow before she could use her ice ability. Then, the person in dark red tek armour hopped onto the snow owl, waiting for anybody to attack. The leader, who was in a red color (not bright red or dark red) hopped on to his managarmr, and killed Dasher’s owner.

“No!” Dasher Screamed. He was trying to move the entire time, but was stuck to the ground, unable to do anything. And then he realized he was frozen to the ground. Dasher finally broke free and charged at the red managarmr. The managarmr reacted quickly and grabbed Dasher in it’s mouth and threw him off the building. Dasher hit a quetz on the way down, and then he finally made it to the ground, where he was most likely dead.

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