Corrupted earth

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Corrupted earth

Episode 2: stealing resources

It was daytime. Dasher was already in the wastelands, knowing of the battle that would commence not too long from now. Dasher looked up into the sky and saw a quetz flying above him.

‘Most likely a quetz with dodo bombs’ Thought Dasher. Dasher saw the alpha tribe’s base. Dasher quickly hid behind something, and waited for the alpha tribe to go to their battle.


Dasher saw a ton of the alpha tribe’s tames exit the base. A giga, thylacoleos, yutyrannus, and much more.

‘That’s going to be a battle’ thought Dasher. Once all the creatures left, Dasher quickly found the hole and entered the base. He saw a moschops, who ran away after seeing Dasher. Dasher saw the tames room, and stayed away from it. He headed to the elevator and headed to the next floor. This was the storage room. Dasher looked through the vaults, gathering things he needed.

‘Polymer, iron, cementing paste... check, that’s everything.’ Dasher thought to himself. Dasher used the elevator and got to the first floor, and exited through the decent sized hole that the alpha tribe hadn’t noticed. Once Dasher got out, he saw a guard.

“Aye, what you doin’ over there? Not everyday you see a enforcer out in the corruption.” Said the guard. Dasher quickly dashed at the guard and killed him before he could get his weapon out.

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