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Dark Fate

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Dark Fate

Chapter 14

Deuvo looked up.

The Crystal Queen was HUGE- atleast fifteen times the adult wyvern size.

Many of the warriors gasped in shock and horror as she hissed, "So this is what you have chosen to defeat me. Maybe you will, but I will haunt Crystal Isles in the afterlife."

A loud roar bellowed from her as she blasted a scorching ball of flame, roasting a quarter of the army.

Deuvo watched in dismay as half fled- and the brave ones stood ground. The queen smiled.

"Your warriors are nothing but my toys. Flee now, like those cowards-" she spit out "cowards" joyfully "- and survive."

Chroneo roared as he launched himself at the queen. Jumping in surprise, she flung him off. The remaining army, mostly containing basilisks and wyverns now, attacked.

Deuvo flew up and latched on to The Crystal Queen's face. She yelled and swiped effortlessly as Deuvo held on and blasted fire. Suddenly, her snout swayed so hard he was forced to fly off. After more fighting and endless deaths, something odd happened.

Deuvo was digging in her back, blood splattering everywhere, when he saw Deuvo fly directly into the queen's mouth.

'What is he doing!?'

Unnigh followed.

'I guess me too!' Deuvo flew up and dove in, shuddering at the sudden cold.

'This is so stupid!'

Adjusting to the light, Deuvo realised they were clawing at three different openings.

It must be the blasters for tropic, ember and blood.

"Get the oxygen tube!" Chroneo shouted suddenly. Unnigh blasted fire at the blood and closed it. Deuvo covered the main tube with fire and blocked it.

"THIS IS DISGUSTING!" Deuvo shouted. Slime and spit stuck to his scales uncomfortably.

A wheezing and sucking feeling suddenly overwhelmed him. The oxygen tube was blocked.

"Get out, QUICKLY!" Chroneo bellowed. They all slid out and fled.

Once Deuvo cleared the slime off his face, he saw the giant red figure lurching and wheezing. A huge, white glow blocked out his view.

The only thing Deuvo saw was Darkwater flying infront of the queen and.. There was flying ice shards stabbing the queen's heart!

Darkwater had really killed the Crystal Queen!

Then darkness. Choking darkness surrounded Deuvo.

Wait.. No, not Deuvo. Wildew.

He was Wildew.

Wildew looked around. Furbeak stood infront of him in The Void. Icebreaker sat next to him.

All his memories washed over Wildew like a wave- how he was born, burying father, being trapped with Blicket, and the piercing pain of dying.

"I'm back," he whispered. "I'm back."

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