Dark Fate

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Dark Fate

Chapter 10

Darkwater raced in the trees to get to the tree-dome. Blicket was suprisingly fast while dragging Hurricane. Eventually, they got to the slope.

Blicket looked up. "Seriously?!" The slope was still steep.

"I'll help," Deuvo offered as Unnigh wrote the same thing with her wing talons on the tablet.

They took Hurricane and let Blicket freely walk up, and flapped to let him down.

"Go to the Tropical Hospital," Blicket informed. "We'll go to the fire thing one," "Ember!" Deuvo shouted. "Right, and we'll be quick. We'll also get some yutys and rexes. We'll have an army! Which direction?"

Deuvo pointed to the volcano and red trees.

Darkwater glanced around him. "Look!" There was two wyverns, one with cargo, flying towards them. Deuvo and Unnigh were already far away.

"Wait," Blicket said, "it's them! Vein! Chroneo! And.. What happened to Flame?"

In the talons of Vein, was a burnt looking Flame.

Quinter screamed in sheer fright, and Blicket yelled over it, "WHAT HAPPENED?"

"The Crystal Queen," Chroneo growled. "I got her good."

Darkwater glanced at Chroneo's back talons and wing talons. They were full of blood.

"No!" Blicket sobbed.

"Well, you can grieve," Vein said, "where's the others?"

"Taking father to the Tropical Hospital," Darkwater informed, "he fought with Storm or something."

"What?!" Vein raced after them, and Darkwater only just caught onto her tail on time to balance himself for gliding with her.

"He'll be alright," Darkwater tried to comfort her. "And we're getting an army. Unnigh and Deuvo are convincing the Tropical kingdom, Blicket and Quinter are going to the Ember and to also get rexes and yutys and basilisks, while we should get the Blood."

"Oh," Vein was confused. "Alright, and you just thought of this?!"

"Yep. Let's go!"

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