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Dark Fate

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Dark Fate

Chapter 6

They headed towards home. It was a quiet ride, so Darkwater could catch sleep. Chroneo and Deuvo helped carry father.

Awaking again in the void, he saw Blood there.

"You've found your first power," she said.

"Wait, FIRST power?"

"Yes. Hybrids have three distinct powers. Two of them have to do with the to types of wyverns, and the other has to do with the deepest desire. And yours is to help take down the Crystal Queen."

"Oh, okay..? And does father know about it?"

"Yes. That is why he was not as suprised. And you have found the blood wyvern power. You now need to find the tropical power."


"So I'm here to train you to get that power."

"But you are a blood wyvern?"

"Still works."

Blood walked over towards him. "Follow what I do," she instructed.

As Darkwater nodded, he saw Blood walk over to a pool of water that appeared there, suddenly. Another one poofed infront of him, making him jump.

She carefully placed her tail in, picked it out, and swiped it on the ground.

"Now you try."

Darkwater dipped his tail in, just the tip, and felt freezing cold water. Taking it out immediatly, he swiped it on the ground. A blueish green glow illuminated the area.

"Woah!" He yelped.

"Yes, your power will be.." Inspecting carefully, Blood saw something Darkwater didn't. "You have the power to turn water to ice with your tail."

"Really? Wow! Can I now?" He questioned.

"No, Darkwater, practice more with me."

Blood and Darkwater worked on his skills, doing water tricks, until a loud thump woke him up.

Blinking at the light, Darkwater saw his parents and the dawn sky.

"Father?" He asked.

"Ye-" Hurricane coughed, "yes?"

"Are you alright?"

"I'm fi-fine," stumbling into the tree-dome, Hurricane wheezed.

"Mom, is he alright?"

"He'll be fine. Go to your nest," Vein answered.

As Darkwater slept, he heard flapping outside.

"Let's go for a fly," Chroneo suggested.

"Alright," Deuvo agreed.

Unnigh probably nodded, or something, because they all lifted off.

Darkwater felt a stab of jealousy. He wanted to fly, too.

Crawling silently along the floor as the others treated Hurricane, Darkwater walked outside.

'Hmm. What would be a good boulder to jump on?' He thought. Seeing a big boulder, Darkwater climbed it.

'Now I just.. Flap my wings?'

Flap. Flap. Falp. He jumped off and glided around, but then as he did, they gave away and he crashed down.

"Oof!" He huffed.

Trying again and again, he thought he got it.

'I'm flying!' Darkwater thought with glee.

He glided across the valley, but then he saw something on the horizon.

It was a huge line.. It was made up of many things.

It had a giant wyvern flying overhead.

It was the heir army and the Crystal Queen, coming from the mountains. Panicked, Darkwater tried to fly back, but his wings gave away into the valley.

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