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Dark Fate

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Dark Fate

Chapter 4

Darkwater awoke and crept outside, glancing to make sure nobody was watching. He picked up a few rocks and set them down, wondering what he could do with these, "powers" and what kind of powers.

Trying to pick the rock up with his mind, it did not budge. OK. Well, something else now.

Darkwater huffed in frustration as he tried to pick up one of the heavier rocks. Not strength.

After trying everything he could think of, he dropped into the snow.

'Am I ever going to even have powers?'

* * *


His mother's voice sounded from the dome. Apparently, Darkwater fell asleep in a little snow-hole thing.

"Yes?" He said.

"We're going for a walk on the mountain. Don't worry, we're just patrolling the territory around here."

"Okay. Let's go."

Grasped in Vein's back talons, Darkwater saw the ground fall away and then move. They headed to the mountains as tropeognathus zoomed by. Blicket and Flame were watching the dome. They had Quinter in Hurricane's talons.

After a lot of flying, they reached the mountains.

"So," Deuvo said, "what's it like here?"

"Dunno," Chroneo and Unnigh shrugged.

"Rocky, dry, cold. We're going to start near the bottom, ish." Father explained as they flew down to a lower-than-middle spot, about half way to the bottom from the middle.

They landed on a swirling path going upwards.

"Quinter can hunt, we can gather crystals on the way."

'That makes me hungry,' Darkwater thought as he was released from his mother's talons.

The seven slowly made their way up the mountain. It was freezing! Hurricane killed several carnos and other threats as they walked, to protect Darkwater, who was stumbling up the slope.

'Maybe my powers will come,' he thought enthusiastically, 'maybe.'

After some walking, Vein suggested that she and the three embers could take a small hunt with Quinter up ahead.

"Sure," Hurricane said, "you can also scout for any ledges or anything dangerous.

"Darkwater, how are you hanging on?"

Father questioned as they left.

"I'm fine, bu-" He was cut off by several icy cold rocks tumbling from the top.

"That's not a good sign," Hurricane cautioned.

Several more fell, booming over the quiet landscape.

"Fly!" His father ran to the ledge, but before he could pick me up, fumbling rocks and snow and ice flew from the peak, pushing Hurricane, who was protecting Darkwater, off the cliff.

The rocks tore Hurricane's wings.

His heart skipped a beat as they neared closer.. And closer.. And then they banged against rocks as a mixture of boulders and ice tumbled down, burying them.

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