Dark Fate

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Dark Fate

Chapter 3

Where was Darkwater? He was in a void.

Walking around, the blue and dark red wyvernet started to wander when two huge, old wyverns appeared infront of him.

"Gah! Oh, I can talk!" He said cheerfully.

"Hello, Darkwater." The red one said.

"I am Blood. This is Tropic."

"Greetings." Tropic said.

"We are here to tell you-and warn you-of your powers."

"What powers?" Darkwater wondered.

"The power of all the suns. All the islands. Everything." Blood answered.

"But why!" Darkwater objected.

"You will take down the Crystal Queen,

In the tide and in the sea.

You have the power of all three,

You do have the power, just wait for the scene."

Darkwater shook his head violetly. He was sitting in the dome. His pains were gone, for the most part. What did that mean? Did he have a purpose?

Nah, just a normal dream. Or was it?

The pains were back. He was awake. Alright.

"Ow!" He yelped as soon as he regained consciousness.

"Darkwater!" Mother exclaimed happily. "You're alive!"

"Of course he is," Father said. "He's our child."

"Can I please have room?" His jaw felt better. Stumbling outside, Darkwater wanted time to think.

They followed him, though. Always very wary of every action.

'I'll do it later,' he decided to try out his power at a different date. Right now it was time for sleep, as the sun was far below the horizon. He lived on a steep cliff on both sides, though one of the sides let into a rocky valley.

"I'm tired," he yawned.

As Darkwater went into his sleeping corner, he fell asleep.

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