Dark Fate

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Dark Fate

Chapter 2

Darkwater always new he had "Dark Fate" as Chroneo called it. Weakest bones. Sometimes Unnigh wanted to help him but couldn't because mother was paranoid that she might crush his bones. He can't even speak because of a crooked jaw! Not yet, anyway. He understood words, but had many grammar mistakes. He could think, but they would not listen.

"Deuvo, you're on hunting duty with Blicket!" Father called, on watch.

"Dad?" Darkwater called, stumbling.

"Yes?" He flew down.

"I fell someding," he said.

"Do you mean feel?"

'Of course that's what I meant!' His mind screamed. Nodding, he pointed at his head with his tail.

"It fells like a fire," Darkwater explained, "like a bwaze. It hurts. Awso, I have a talon pain."

'I hate my crooked jaw.'

"Really?" Hurricane said, confused. "Like fire you say? Does it hurt? Do you want crystals?"

'No, not at all!' He thought. 'Well it does hurt. But no, I'm not hungry! It feels like burning! And my talons are tingling, like I dipped them in warm acid.'

"It hurts, and I fell dizzy,"

"I'll get Vein," Hurricane said as he flew off.

'Dad?' Darkwater thought. 'I do feel really dizzy.. It's hard to stand up.'

He fell into the patch of snow he was decorating with shells, wood and grass. The whole world was wobbling. The fire in his head seemed to grow endlessly as his tail felt dripping wet. Darkwater's talons burned with red, acidic blood, but he could not see any of it. Nor his tail- his tail looked fine.

'What is happening?-'

Since dad and mom were gone, and Blicket, he called for his other friend.

"Unnigh!" He screamed. She flew down from a tree.

-What is it?- She wrote like the wind on the tablet.

Darkwater covered his head with his wings. His back talons hurt so much. His tail was numb from the cold water in the winter.

"It hurts! It hurts! Get dad an-" Before he could finish his sentence, the world went dark and he fell into the snow.

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