The Rampage-chapter 3

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The Rampage-chapter 3

Dune was engulfed in flames as the abandoned building exploded. Thousands upon thousands of creatures rushed in. Everyone was dead. He was dead.

Well, he was alive. Verbar was alive. And two other soldiers began to wake up. The rest were obliterated by the blast.

“What did that?” One of the soldiers asked.

As if on cue, a massive dragon landed outside the building in which they were hidden. The dragon seemed to be leading the massive army, which stood next to him in straight lines. Impossible. Creatures couldn’t be this intelligent. The only thing that could make them like that would be...a human.

There was a human outside. Pacing around, waiting for Dune and the others to exit willingly.

That wasn’t going to happen. Dune pulled the pin on his grenade and threw it outside. It exploded in a massive blast, but the human was unharmed. Except it wasn’t a human.

It was a robot.

“I am a herald of Sir Galen Rockwell. The new master of this world.”

“Whoever you are, you can eat my s***!” Dune yelled. He took out his sniper rifle and shot a bullet at the android’s head. The robot simply ducked and dodged it, Matrix style.

“Nice try, Dune.” The robot said, trying out his name. “I don’t really want to hurt you. I just want you to know. A new era is coming. And you’d better adapt to the rampage.”

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