The Crystal Queen

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The Crystal Queen

Chapter 23

The wyverns killed the giganotosaurus first, as they were the biggest threat. After killing those, they killed the rexes and crocodiles are they approached them. The battle field was filled with blood and corpses. Then the gates to the castle opened and the king, who was on a giganotosaurus, approached them. “This chaos ends here, beasts.” Said the king. “You’ve caused so much damage this kingdom is already destroyed.” Said the king. The king was skilled with his giganotosaurus. He had managed to kill the crystal wyvern army within minutes. “How is my army already dead?” Said the Queen. “This ends here, Crystal Queen.” Said the king. The giganotosaurus bit the Queen’s entire body, and the Queen ate the king. The Queen never thought she would die. Not like this, atleast. Everything went black, and she was in another body.

(Next chapters in rock drake section.)

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