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The Crystal Queen

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The Crystal Queen

Chapter 21

When they got to the kingdom, they had catapults ready to shoot wyverns out of the sky. The wyverns destroyed those first before they could fire them. “They’re back!” Said a survivor. “Send everything at them!” Said a warrior. “They are going to send everything they have at us, get ready to be swarmed with rexes.” Said the Queen. Then everything started coming after them. Sarcosuchus, kaprosuchus, pteranodons, rexes, giganotosaurus, yutyrannus, quetzals, daedons, and argentavis. The wyverns set their focuse on the argentavis, pteranodons, and quetzals because they could fly. 5 quetzals attacked the Queen, but she easily killed them, the pteranodons and argentavis just came in a big group, which was a mistake because a few ember wyverns set one on fire and the rest got caught on fire.

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