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The Crystal Queen

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The Crystal Queen

Chapter 15

When the rexes got close to the Crystal wyverns, they all attacked at once. Fire, water, and blood beams were destroying the rexes as if there was no yutyrannus. Then 5 daedons ran in to help heal the rexes. The wyverns then quickly killed the daedons and then set their focus back to the rex. Then all the rexes had died. “THEY ARE TOO STRONG!” Screamed a survivor. “SEND THE MUTATED GIGA ARMY IN!” Bellowed a survivor. “A mutated giganotosaurus army? We need to be careful. Only 5 giganotosaurus came at them. Weirdly, the 5 giganotosaurus led the wyvern warriors away from the Crystal Queen. Then Archers started shooting at the wyvern warriors. “Warriors, retreat!” Roared the Queen. The wyvern warriors flew back to their village. The Queen wanted to stay a bit longer and cause more havoc. She killed the mutated giganotosaurus easily, like they were as weak as chickens. “THE FINAL WAVE, UNLEASH THE DODOREX!” Yelled a warrior.

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