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The Crystal Queen

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The Crystal Queen

Chapter 14

Then the wyverns heard huge footsteps. The footsteps of a giganotosaurus. “Giganotosaurus!” Yelled a warrior. “I’ll deal with the giganotosaurus. Kill as many humans as possible, warriors.” Said the Queen. The giga roared at the Crystal queen when he had spotted her. The Queen set the giga on fire and ripped his tale off. The giga roared in pain as he was bleeding to death. The giga tried to bite the Queen’s wing, but the Queen has already bitten his neck, therefor killing it. “The giga is dead!” Screamed a survivor. “SEND OUT THE REX ARMY!” Yelled a human warrior. “Everyone, back to the town square!” Yelled the Queen. Once everyone had gotten to the town square, they could see 5 rexes... then 10, 15, and then 20 rexes. “They have a rex army coming for us. Ready to destroy a army, warriors?” Said Queen. Then, the horrible happened. They saw a yutyrannus courage roaring the rexes. “There’s a yutyrannus!” Yelled a wyvern warrior.

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