The Crystal Queen

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The Crystal Queen

Chapter 10

They had been flying for hours now. They had finally reached the survivor’s base. “We have made it to the survivor’s base. Ready to destroy?” Said the Queen. She had brought 2 tropical wyverns, 3 ember wyverns, and 2 blood wyverns. The survivor exited the small base, which looked more to be a outpost. The Queen landed right behind him, and he was pushed away. The Queen roared, signaling the other wyverns to attack. “We have caught you now, survivor.” Said the Queen. “No more humans on Crystal isles for now, after your dead.” Said the Queen. “What do you mean, no more survivors left? Surely you have not destroyed the kingdom yet.” Said the survivor. “What kingdom do you speak of?” Asked the Queen. “The kingdom in the desert. Surely you have already seen it.” Said the survivor. “Now you die here. My heirs saw you escorting things somewhere. Now we will stop that.” Said the Queen. Then the Queen quickly killed the survivor.

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