The Crystal Lands

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The Crystal Lands

Chapter 28

As they neared the tree dome, Vein saw Blicket trying to feed raw meat to Chroneo.

"BAHGABHA!" He screamed. "NOOOO!"


"Hey! Wait," Hurricane went over to grab a few crystals nearby.

"Here," he said as he handed the crystals to Chroneo, who grabbed them and started sucking in the power.

"Uhh.. WHAT!" Blicket turned expectantly towards Hurricane.

"We suck the energy from crystals," as Hurricane explained, Vein looked at her father, who was flying really high.

"It's alright, father, they're friendly."

Blicket, Flame and Quinter looked up.

"That's your father?" Quinter asked.

"Uhh, what is this?" Acid asked. "And why aren't you at the kingdom?"

"Banished reasons, nothing to worry about," Vein joked.

"Wait, WHAT?!"

"Yeah, uhm, you can go back now.." She said, not wanting to answer questions.

Grumbling, he flew off.

"So," Hurricane said, "me and Vein, are more than friends now."

"Say no more," Flame said. "We already knew."

"Alright.. Well, it's getting dark."

Hurricane flew over to his sleeping spot.

"The prophecy said that these three will save the world," Vein observed, "but they can't do it like this. We have to wait for them to grow."

"Yeah," Flame and Hurricane agreed..

"So get some rest." She continued.

"We have a long wait ahead of us. Thoughout this place, we might even rule it. But we can stay here while we wait. Make a small tree house, with the leaves and everything, in this dome." She looked at Flame.

"You can get the wood, Quinter will help you gather leaves, Blicket, hunt for us, crystals too, we'll watch the wyvernets."

"Yes! Alright," Quinter agreed. They ran off.

"And you can rest," Vein took a look at Hurricane's tired wings.

"And with you," she said, "this may not be a long wait after all."

CONTINUES IN: DEINONYCHUS SECTION, DARK FATE. (I have no idea where to put this story so why not. Also it's Quinter's thing. Crystal Wyvern Queen and Wyvern have stories, so that's my only option. See you there!)

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