The Crystal Lands

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The Crystal Lands

Chaptr 25

They had to head to the Emberfall Palace. It was the closest, and they should know how to take care of things like this.

Vein was REALLY nervous to ask him.. She wanted to express how she likes Hurricane but.. She just doesn't know how to do it.

Panting, they finally saw the orange and fiery palace ahead on a volcano.

"Ther- there it i- is!" Hurricane panted, holding Chroneo.

Vein was out of breath, too. Maybe she can wait to ask him when they stop.

"It's so hot!" Hurricane observed as they landed.

"Yeah," Vein agreed.

She spotted an ember worker.

"Hello! Can you take us to the medic?" She asked.

The ember wyvern took a look at Chroneo and nodded, "Follow me!" She offered.

They rushed throughout the castle, taking a right and a left to a right and FINALLY they got there.

"Alright," the ember wyvern said, "here it is."

Hurricane walked inside with Vein close behind.

A medic looked up. "What do you need help wi- oh, uhm.." Vein didn't know if he was suprised by a blood and a tropic wyvern with three ember wyvernets, or the wound.

"Come, I know how to help with that." He said. "Put him here, what's his name?"

"Chroneo." Vein answered.

"Ah," the medic said, "well, Chroneo, you need banadages." He said while grabbing a red wrap and putting it around Chroneo's spot.

"Voin," he whispered, "Hurrifaoun."

"Is Chroneo trying to say our names?" Hurricane whispered as Vein nodded.

"Mhmm, Voin an Hurriboim," Deuvo tried to say.

After Chroneo was wrapped up, the medic nodded for them to go.

"Have a nice day!" He said.

"Hurricane?" Vein asked once out of the castle. "Can I ask you something?" Nervously, they landed.

"Yes?" Hurricane anwered cheerfully.

"Do.." Vein tried so hard not to mess this up.

"Do you love me?"

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