Ok guys and gals, this is going to happen.

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Ok guys and gals, this is going to happen.

The Crystal Lands

Chapter 23

"No!" Hurricane shouted as Storm let himself be taken away. Tears reached for the ground. "Why him?" He said.

"Hurricane," Vein said, trying to comfort him. "How do you want to see the ember wyvernets?"

"They hatched?" Blicket, who walked over with the other two, nodded.

As Vein beckoned for them to come out, three dark orange wyvernets crawled out.

The darkest one, Unnigh, silently jumped on Deuvo, her brother, and the only one who made any noise was the brother. Chroneo just sat confused.

"Well, the sun is setting," Flame observed. "Maybe we should find a place to sleep."

"Great idea, near the hollow I had found a cluster of trees thick enough that nobody would see us if we slept there," Quinter said.

"That would be fine," agreed Hurricane, completely forgetting his brother.

'That's the right choice,' Vein thought, 'to forget about losing someone. You can't let it weigh you down.'

"Let's go, Vein!" Blicket bellowed, running across the lining of the dark hollow. "Coming," she whispered to herself as she flapped away with the ember wyvernets.

Chapter 24

Vein awoke in the middle of the night. Hurricane was snoring sadly, probably missing his brother next to him.

She then had a horrible idea to go comfort him.

'Why are you doing this,' one side of her brain groaned, and the other, 'well maybe I like him.'

Standing up quietly, she walked over to the other side of the tree dome and, trying not to wake him, silently sat next to Hurricane.

* * *

A quiet huff came from Hurricane. Vein slightly awoke to hear what he says.

"Oh my Crystal Queen," he had whispered to himself, suprised, "is this seriously the result of liking someon-"

He must have realized he should be thinking, not whispering.

Thin dawn light filtered through the trees as Vein stood up. Hurricane had gone back to sleep.

Smiling, she went to go find some crystals hungrily, sucking the energy immediately after finding one, trying to remember when was the last time she ate.

Bringing back prey and crystals for the rest, she settled down on watch next to Hurricane. She kind of liked him, to think of it.

After a while, Vein wanted to wake everybody, so she tried to.

"Snoogle dorf!" Deuvo screamed. "SNOOGLE DORF! SNOOGLE DORF!"

That was easier than expected.


"Ugh, what?" Hurricane yelled,

"Wait.. What's wrong with Chroneo?"

Vein saw a pale Chroneo in the back, with a leech on him, a GIANT leech.

"AGH! Chroneo has a giant LEECH!" Blicket bellowed, waking Flame and Quinter. Unnigh just sat there, trying to pull it off.

"Here, here," Hurricane offered, spraying salt water on the leech, making it fall.

Chroneo wailed, and thrashed as a huge, bloody spot opened where the leech was.

"We need to get to a doctor," Vein said, "Blicket, Flame, Quinter, stay here!" She yelled as she whispered "C'mon," to Hurricane and grabbed Unnigh and Deuvo, who was screaming, as Hurricane grabbed Chroneo.

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