The Crystal Lands

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The Crystal Lands

(Btw, I am planning to stop The Crystal Lands and cut it into Part 1 Part 2 and maybe even Part 3. Part 2 is going to be in Crystal Queen section. Still going to be Crystal Lands.. Dont freak out I am not stopping the series anytime soon)

Chapter 19

Something hit Vein on the head. Probably a tail. "Wake up!" Storm said. "What?" She replied in a cross tone. "The eggs are hatching," he said hurriedly. "Gah!" Vein scrambled to her wing talons. Limping over, on a still kind of burnt leg, almost healed, to the eggs. Blicket watched most intently. The eggs were marked. One said "Fur" another said "Ice" and the last one said "Wil." "I know what to name the-" Blicket was cut off by a large crash and a large portion of the heir army.

Oh and they were all Ember heirs. The worst kind.

But they were led by a Queen.

The Crystal Queen.

The one egg marked "Fur" cracked.

Screaming, Vein yelled over hissing steam for Blicket, Quinter and Flame to get an egg and run out. "We'll handle this!" She bellowed over the loud roars. "No! I will! Go, save the eggs!" Hurricane yelled as he breathed his freezing water all over a few of the heirs.

Just as Vein wad about to yell, "Run! Come with us!" The Crystal Queen snatched Hurricane up and left.

As Vein bolted out the door, she saw Storm tearing up.

"HURRICANE!" He roared in distress.

(Hey guys shall I find a mate for Vein or Blicket first? Imma say Vein since, well we gotta perfect Storm-Vein relationship right here in my talons.. Also Hurricane wont die.. Since nobody likes him we can just put him in the torture bin)

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