The Crystal Lands

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The Crystal Lands

Chapter 18

Blicket was wandering the void. Ember had said that she needed to look around before she left. As she walked through the fire-colored void, it started to get colder, and the ground turned to ice. Luckily she was equipped with sharp claws, so she had no problem.

Something ahead caught her attention. No, someone. An orange and black yuty stood ahead. Two of them. That was strange. The only other black and orange yutys besides her was..


Blicket's eyes lit up with delight. She felt like her whole world was being lit on fire with happiness.

Sprinting through the hard ice-like void ground, she bellowed a call.


The two turned to look. Wildew smiled a great big smile and Furbeak nodded, as though he expected her.

Blicket burst into tears as she ran into both of them.

"I missed you so much.." She sobbed happy tears. "We did too." Her father's old, demanding yet kind voice still sounded strong. "Someone else is here." Blicket's brother nodded to a white and gold yuty. "Mother?" She called. Icebreaker nodded. "How- you didn't-" She stuttered. "Yes. I died. Rockslide." Icebreaker answered. "Oh," Blicket said.

"We have been watching you. But our time has come to be reincarnated. We will turn into triplets, three ember wyverns, I will be Unnigh, your brother will be Chroneo, and your mother wishes to let you choose." Furbeak interrupted. "Quickly, we don't have much time left, get back to the surface world (undertale yes) and wake the others.

We will hatch soon."

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