The Crystal Lands

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The Crystal Lands

(Shoutout to BOB who made A Song of Compys and Gigas! Please like and read his series, starting in the snail and going in order from dossier to dossier! Also sorry for the wyvernload of typos)

Chapter 16

Storm awoke in a strangly familiar void, but with the ground the color of blue, green and purple. A cyan blue wyvern stood ahead of him. Hurricane, his brother, appeared next to him, making him jump.

"Welcome Storm, Hurricane," an old tropical wyvern stood ahead of them, nodding. "Are you Tropic?" Hurricane asked in awe.

"I am Tropic, I am the source of power for life," he said, "and I have a dire warning.

During the fight,

There is no light,

When you fall to the ground.

Your brother dead,


And oddly found.

If the Crystal Queen,

Lives through it,

Beware of the scene

Don't do it,

The Crystal Queen

Is not what she seems."

Storm watched as Hurricane faded away, and so did Storm into a deep, dreamless sleep.

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