The Crystal Lands

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The Crystal Lands

Chapter 14

As the seven creatures walked in the cavern, Vein immediately asked Storm about the eggs. "Storm, why do you have Ember eggs?" She tried to put it as lightly as possible.

He stared. "In the night, I heard weird noises, so I checked the cave entrance, and a frail Ember wyvern stumbled in. He had these eggs, and told me his name was Graystripe (yup! I read warriors too) because of his dark gray stripes, and the eggs lost their mother. He could no longer take care of them."

The others heard the story, and nodded. As they went further, the tunnel widened. Glowing fungi loomed around a huge cavern, but that wasn't all, three statues stood in the dark.

One was orange.

One was blue.

One was red.

'Could those be the ancients?' Vein thought in awe. Everyone gasped. Blicket, Flame and Quinter seemed confused.

Apparently Hurricane noticed, because he started explaining.

"Our first wyverns birthed from the Crystal Queen, when she was good, now she isn't. They saved everyone and created three wyvern types; ember, blood and tropical. Which was what they were named. As their life dwindled, thw Crystal Queen turned them into statues, so they could watch over their Clans."

"Oh wow." Blicket exclaimed.

The eggs rolled out of Storm's crystals and to the Ember statue. They touched it and stopped. Storm and Hurricane's eyes went white and walked over to the Tropical statue, touching it and stopped. Vein watched in confusion as Blicket, Flame and Quinter went into the Ember one, walking towards it and dropped sleeping.

Then Vein went into a trance, padding over to the Blood statue, she touched it and dropped.

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