The Crystal Lands

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The Crystal Lands

Chapter 11

Flapping frantically, Vein screamed. Pain shot through her leg as she dropped. Hurricane fought the ember heir as Storm grabbed Bandit and dove to help Vein. The fire spread to her left wing, and it hurt SO MUCH. Storm put Bandit on his crystals as he grabbed Vein. He flew down to the water and put her in. Hurricane had killed the heir and flew down. "ARGH!" Vein bellowed in agony. She grabbed her burnt leg and saw black scorch marks on it. A tiny bit of her right wing skin was black.

Storm grabbed Bandit and rubbed his tail feathers. He regurgitated some kind of white substance, and Hurricane watched in suprise as he made it into a cast for Vein. "Uhm, thanks.." She said awkwardly.

* * *

It had became dusk between the border of the Desert and The Great Valley. Vein heard arguing in the cave they were sleeping in. She peeked over a stalactite. Vein saw Storm and Hurricane yelling at eachother.

"She's mine!" Hurricane said, as Storm bellowed; "I want her! I saved her life!"

"I helped!"

"You attacked a wyvern!"

"I helped you and her escape!"

"She wants me anyway!"


Vein liked Storm more. He talked more and was kind. However, Hurricane was respectful and strong. Her leg hurt. Vei curled up in a ball and ingored them.

"This desert is hot!" Complained a yutyrannus. "It's better than having wyverns all around us." An allo argued. "How do you know, Flame?" Flame recoiled. "I don't like wyverns, Blicket," he said. "Well guys, hello, it's fine," a deinon said. "Shut up Quinter!" Flame and Blicket said. They reached a river and went into a cave. The three turned a few corners and dropped to the ground. "Ugh, dusk already, I'm tired," said Blicket.

That morning, Blicket, Flame and Quinter turned a wrong path out. They went into a bigger cave, and saw three wyverns and a bird gathering materials..

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