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The Crystal Lands

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The Crystal Lands

Chapter 8

"Hey! I'm here for business!" Vein roared. "I need to talk to the princes!" The guard looked at the queen, named Queen Ocean, and she nodded reluctantly. Hurricane and Storm came through a tunnel, escorted by guards. "What do you want?" Hurricane said. "Uhm, can I talk to them privately?" Vein asked a gaurd. He nodded and she brought the princes outside. "I NEED YOUR HELP!" She bursted. "I'VE BEEN PRACTICALLY BANISHED FROM BLOODFALL'S HOLLOW!" Vein roared. "Woah, woah, start over." Storm said. She explained everything. "I think I know where to go," said Hurricane. "Every wyvern's been getting a tug towards The Valley. I think that means that we should go there." Storm and Vein nodded.

* * *

Deep, deep underground, a giant red and whiteish wyvern prowled in dark caves. She had many crystals on her back and a skull on her face. "Your majesty," an ember wyvern heir said, "it's working." The wyvern looked down. "They will find us soon," she said, "and our time will come to rule Crystal Isles. You, me, and the heirs."

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