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The Crystal Lands

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The Crystal Lands

Chapter 7

Vein flapped her wings hard. Soaring across the river, into the tropic territories, blue, purple and green wyverns doing what they were doing stopped to watch. Carrying her only supplies, a few paintings, in her back talons as she flew over the water.

By the time it was midday she reached the palace, at the warmest place beside the desert. She headed into the many tunnels that made it up, unlike the giant palace back at home. Vein swerved through the main tunnel, leading to a specially made cave for the throne. As she flew in, frantically lashing her tail and flapping her wings, she saw a skylight over the throne, and others following the stone statues. It wasn't dirty in here, mostly stone. After about a day of flying, Vein collapsed.

Panting, the blood red wyvern stood up. Her wing talons touched the floor lightly. "Wher-wheres th-the prin-inces?" Vein tried to speak. It had become dusk. "Halt!" A guard rushed in from the tunnel.

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