The Crystal Lands

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The Crystal Lands

Chapter two

Vein sat in her favorite spot, where there was no sound but dripping darkness. Her blood red tail curled around her talons as she thought.

She hated how Redfall had to be her mate. Everyone wanted to be royalty, but she wanted to be normal. For one, she isn't called to meetings with the other wyverns. For another, she could chose her mate. Also she could be FREE FOR ONCE. Her parents thought a lazy general's son would be her mate, he was nice. That's all. NICE. Just because he was NICE doesn't mean he isn't lazy, stupid and slow. His flight patterns were all wrong.

Her father was better than her mother. Her mother was very demanding and "come here, dear" ish. Vein's father was cheerful, playful and understanding. But he always went on trips around Crystal Isles. Her father's name was King Acid.

Flap. Flap flap.

Wingbeats came from outside. She groaned. "Sweetheart, come here!" Her mother's snarling voice sounded. There was guards with her, too.

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