Rathalos (Ep26 S2)

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Rathalos (Ep26 S2)

(No, I can’t be consistent with Ep-S order)

“Riker! Rathalos! In here!” Cary yelled to them. Just in time too, if she hadn’t, they would have literally been toast. “So what’s up, traitor.” Rathalos growled. “Calm down. She saved our lives.” Riker reasoned. “Actually...” Cary started. “Riley noticed you guys first. If not for her, I wouldn’t have-.” She was interrupted by the sound of a very large something pounding on the cave. “Ugh. Should never have been a part of that thing.” Riley muttered, stepping out of the shadows. Riker help up her pike. Rathalos growled. “Woa, hold it. What did Hazel tell you?” Riley said before telling them what really happened. “And we should believe

You because...?” Rathalos said. “Well, can you prove we’re wrong?” Cary said defensively, blocking them from reaching Riley. “Well... no.” Riker said. “So I guess we won’t be trusting either of you.” Rathalos barked. “Cmon, Riker. I see an exit.”

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