The Terrible Demise of Tortuga

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The Terrible Demise of Tortuga

Chapter eighteen.

“Finally! Class is over!” Jack told Jay. Emma had gone off to talk to her friends and Andrew. “What should we do now?” Jay asked. Jack shrugged. Then something caught his eye. A man moving through the shadows in between two buildings. “Look! Let’s follow him!” Jack exclaimed to Jay. They quietly snuck along behind the man hiding every now and then as the man looked around as if he was being followed. (Which he was) At last he came to… a sewer lid? He looked around one last time then flipped it open and slid downward and pulled the lid behind him. Jay and Jack did the same. A strange sight beheld them down in the “sewers”. The place did not look like a sewer. It was tidy and very clean. There were various size crates sitting here and there. They crept down the rest of the hallway quickly until they came to a large rectangular room. There were not a lot of crates in their but there was a punching bag, and a training dummy and on the walls were dartboards. “Where are we?” Jack pondered out loud. “What are you doing here?” A voice behind them asked. The boys started. They turned around to see the man they had been following. He had short brown hair and green eyes and he looked like an older version of Eric. “Who are you?” Jay asked. The man frowned. “I’m sorry, I’m under the impression that I asked you a question before YOU asked ME a question.” He said. “Um..we were following you.” Jack stated. “Now who are you? And where are we?” The man sighed and muttered something under his breath that sounded a lot like “teenagers”. “My name is Josh Swan and we are in a old bomb shelter area that everyone has forgotten about.” The man said. “Wait you’re Eric’s father?” Jack asked. Josh nodded. “Yep.” The twins noticed that he had a sword strapped on his belt in a sheath. “Now go away. I’m busy. And don’t tell anyone about this place….last thing in need is to get arrested….again.” Josh told them, muttering the last part under his breath. “Can you fight with swords?” Jack asked him. Josh sighed again. “Yes. But don’t tell anyone that either. Weapons aren’t allowed here.”

“Can you teach us?” Jay asked. Josh started to refuse but Jack interrupted him. “Or we’ll tell people about what you’re doing.” Josh grunted. “Fine. But you will call me “Captain Swan” when you address me. Do you understand?” He asked them. “Yes sir, yes sir!”

He gave each boy a “plastic sword”. “Are these ACTUALLY plastic?” Jay asked Josh. “Of course! …….just don’t hit each other with it.” Josh said. Jack and Jay looked at each other with wide fearful eyes. “Now, do y’all know the first rule of using swords?” Josh asked. “Um…don’t cut yourself?” Jay asked. Josh smirked. “No THAT is rule number….twelve. The MOST important rule is…it’s all about the footwork.” Josh said. The boys gave him questioning looks. “Fighting with swords isn’t waving your flimsy sword around at another person, it’s ALL about the footwork. Kind of like… a dance. The way you groove is the way you move. And your sword will move with it.” And so he began to teach them and at the end of the lesson they agreed to meet with him again after school tomorrow.

Emma met the boys once they were done with their lesson. “Where have y’all been?” She asked. “Nowhere.” They said quickly. Emma glanced at Jay’s face and saw a sharp cut on his cheek. She gave them a doubtful look. “Whatever. Let’s go. Mom and dad should be home soon.” She turned and began to walk away. “I can’t wait to do more lessons with… Captain Swan tomorrow.” Jack whispered to his twin excitedly. They grinned at each other.

Yay! Another chapter done! Next one coming soon. 😏. Hope y’all are enjoying.


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