The tale of the shadow phoenixes

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The tale of the shadow phoenixes

Chapter seventeen.

Cole sat on his bed, staring out the window in the direction on Arianna’s house daydreaming about…well Arianna when his bedroom door opened and Leah waltzed in. “Guess what Cole? Tom asked ME on a DATE!!” Leah exclaimed dreamily, her cheeks rosy. “Huh, that’s cool.” Cole said distractedly. Leah cocked her head at him. “Whatcha looking at?” She asked mischievously. “Nothing.” Cole replied rather quickly. Leah smirked. “You know Cole…you should ask Arianna out if you like her so much.” Leah said slyly. Cole looked up startled. “What? No. I mean- I can’t. I mean…maybe.” Leah smirked again and then waltzed from the room to “pick out a dress” leaving Cole to wonder what to do. Should he ask Arianna out? He really liked her, he couldn’t deny it but would she say yes? And did she like him back?

*ding dong!* the doorbell rang. Leah’s cheeks blushed and she walked as slowly as she could without seeming to giddy to the door. She opened the door and was greeted by the sight of Tom’s bright green eyes and charming smile. He had his black hair slicked back and he wore a coat and a tie. Leah wore a beautiful emerald green dress. “Hi Tom.” She said sweetly. Tom blushed and quietly held out his arm for her. She took it and the walked off. Nathan and Kate watched them go. Kate wiped a few tears from her face. “My little girl is all grown up.” Kate said,sniffing. Nathan put his arm around his wife. “It’s okay honey.”

They went to a romantic spot in a meadow. The meadow was filled with flowers and butterflies and nearby was a lovely waterfall. The sounds of the soothing waterfall filled the air. They chose a spot and laid a checkered towel down for them to sit on. They feasted on roast beef, carrots, and potatoes then for dessert carrot cake. Tom could barely eat, he was primarily focused on Leah. Her blue eyes glowed with happiness and her blonde hair looked gold in the sun. The sky was filled with purple and orange light as the sun began to lower. “It’s so beautiful.” Leah marveled. “Yeah it is.” Tom agreed. Leah looked at him. She blushed when she realized he wasn’t talking about the sunset, but about her. Tom plucked a white tulip with gold edges from its stem. He carefully tucked her hair behind her ear and tucked the flower there as well. They gazed into each other’s eyes and began moving their faces closer and close until…their lips were touching. It was a long kiss that Leah thought would never end and to be honest…she didn’t want it to. Finally Tom broke apart from her. They looked at each other sheepishly. Leah smiled at him and scooted close to him. She laid her head on his shoulder and together they sat there watching the sun go down.

Is that a good romantic moment Ben? Anyways…chapter eighteen coming up soon!


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