Dark Extinction- Chapter 2 By Swamp Guy

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Dark Extinction- Chapter 2 By Swamp Guy

The size of the caverns was bewildering to Sean. The blue zone was crawling with vines and massive broken structures leading down to a mysterious world of purple pools and death.

Sean had left Nightshade at Rook’s base. He had brought Timber, because there were probably going to be a lot of long drops. He needed his best climber. And even thought Nightshade could climb, she wasn’t as adept at it as Timber was.

“Wait.” Rook stopped Sean before he ventured down. He threw another dodo down into the bioluminescent zone. Small, humanoid monsters popped from the ground and ripped the dodo to shreds. One of them shrieked, grew much larger, and turned red.

“Nameless.” Rook said.

“Jeez.” Sean replied. “We’ll never get past them.”

“Oh, but we will!” Rook laughed. He pointed at the bulbdogs.

“What do we do with them?”

“The light they produce scares Nameless away.”

A few minutes later, with Bulbdogs on their shoulders, they set off into the Blue zone.

“There are many different light pets.” Rook explained. “You’ll see Shinehorns down here.”

They walked along the blue zone paths, killing whatever got in their way. They came upon a massive lake.

“The Crystalline Lake.” Rook said. Sean gasped. It was incredible.

“Here, we’re going to do some taming.”

“What should we tame?”

“Spinosaurus, Karkinos, maybe-“ Rook’s words were cut short. Their Bulbdog’s light flickered, then went out. In seconds, a red glow of an Alpha Nameless pierced the dark, and the growling of it’s pack sounded all around them...


“We’ve heard of HomoDeus.” The warrior said. “But we thought they were just legends.”

“I had no idea what the heck they were.” Arciro shrugged. “Then one saved me from death.”

“After you died.”

“After I died.”

They sat like that for a few more minutes, until a scout ran up to them.

“Sir!” He panted. “The Wolves of the Wasteland! They’re on the move!”

The Tek warrior got up immediately and hopped on one of the dragons, which Arciro learned were called Managarmrs. Arciro leapt atop another Managarmr, and they jumped out into the open air. Guiding their Managarmrs down to the edge of the city, where an enemy army was waiting.

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