Jointed mysteries

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Jointed mysteries

I guess I was able to do 2 chapters in a day? Idk how honestly. -SpecialRaptor/Sneakystripes

Chapter 9

The reaper put a brow up. “Are you juveniles supposed to be the NEW heros?” The reaper scolded. “Ye-yeah.” Mia answered. “(Laughs) how!? Your just juveniles! (Laughs again before speaking) your nothing like the other heros! (Laughs again)” he scoffed. All the velonasaurs began to laugh. “HEY! STOP LAUGHING! I DIDN’T AUTHORIZE YOU TO DO THAT!” the reaper roared. “Geez..” one said. “Wait wait wait.. “other” heros? Weren’t WE the only ones?” Fury asked. “No. There was 4 others. I gave up the riddle too easily because, they looked too strong for me.” The reaper said. “They were adults.” He finished. “Adults? Oh..” Fury exclaimed. Shuttle stepped closer. “You’ll have to duel me to a battle if you want the riddle. Each guardian of the dragon has a riddle. The last one has the riddle to the dragon. If you defeat the dragon, you save the world from being concurred. The dragon has been planning on it for years. But was trapped in the cave every time the heros left. So he never had a chance. He kept on digging and digging and still is doing it, till this day.” The reaper finished. “Dragon? Guardians? Riddles?” Fury said. “What is this? Why are we doing this if the dragon is trapped?” Fury asked. “Because, he is close to getting out. One HUGE rock left to dig and he’s free.” The reaper answered. “So, are you going to battle me or not?” The reaper asked. “Why am I asking questions? CHARGE SOLDIERS!” the reaper roared. They charged for the heros. “Dang it. I thought we were getting along..” Mia said. “Well, charge heros!” Fury said wisely.

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