Jointed mysteries

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Jointed mysteries

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Chapter 6

They ran across the green river. The swampy mist wasn’t cleared enough for them to see better. “We’re never gonna make it through all this mist!” Hissed Fury. “Maybe….- before he could finish talking, he got interrupted by shuttle - THERES NO TIME FOR SUGGESTIONS! JUST RUN THROUGH THE MIST! IGNORE IT!” Shuttle yelled. (Splash!) Shuttle was looking behind him.


The spinosaurs splashed into the green waters. ‘They ran into a TREE?’ Fury thought. ‘Alrighty now, that shows us that those spinosaurs are STUPID.’ He thought again. They kept running. Mia flew above. “Anything strange up there?” Anubis asked while she answered, “I see..a green glowing crystal in the air, do you think what I think?” She asked. “No, but we need to know what that is.” They ran father away from the swamp, chasing Mia across the green waters. When they got closer to the green crystal ore, a piece of it dropped on Mia’s bird like head. “OW!” She scowled. “What was THAT?!” Fury hissed constantly. They ran to the green piece of crystal ore. “What-what’s this?” Shuttle asked. Shuttle scolded that this piece of rune is his. “This is mine now! I saw it first!” Fury shouted back to Shuttle. “No I did, but that doesn’t mean it’s mine, it’s a rune, it belongs to no one.” A sneaky kapro snuck behind them and snapped at them as well as stealing the rune. “Hey! That our rune! We found it first!” Shuttle shouted. “Did you have your CLAWS on it first? No, I did. I stole it fair and square. It’s mine now. Finders keepers, loser weepers!” The kapro scolded. He ran back behind them straight towards the swampy mist. “Hey! GET BACK HERE YOU LITTLE- he got interrupted by Anubis and Sorow - now now Shuttle, it’s just a rune. All we need to do is find that kapro. It’s no big deal.” Sorow comforted. “Yeah Shuttle, be calm.” Anubis said. They searched for the sneaky kapro. Shuttle, still filled with anger, searched behind and in the trees by shaking it. His big claws shook every tree. “There you are you little sneaky kapro! That’s our rune! Now give it back!” Shuttle shouted. “No way! I’m not giving this rune back in till you trade me!” The kapro scolded again. They looked for something to trade. There was a Mesopithecus. ‘That little monkey..’ Fury thought. ‘No other survivor can tame this in time.’ He thought again. They chased the Meso around. Fury finally got it’s tail and bit it one by one. It died. Fury took it last where the kapro was. She wasn’t there anymore. It was like a game of hide n’ seek. Fury remember a long time ago, trying to play hide n’ seek with his brother, But that was when Nola showed up. They searched for the kapro again. And well, found nothing. Intill now. “Found you again!” He yelled. The kapro looked at the Meso in his jaws. “Hmm, looks like your here to trade me eh? I’ll take you to my cave. I have a lot of stolen items. Follow me.” The kapro said. They followed the kapro to the exstreamly dark cave. “How long till we’re there?” Fury muttered while carrying the dead Meso. “I can’t hold this for long. It’s hurting my teeth.” He muttered again. They walking inside while the kapro held the rune in his claws. “What would you like?” He asked. “The rune.” Anubis hissed slightly with anger. “This is off limits. ONLY, if you kill…The reaper.” The kapro said. “The REAPER? WHAT IS THAT?” he hissed confused. “The reaper!? You don’t know what the reaper is!?” The kapro hissed slightly. “No, is it some type of villain or something?” Fury asked. “Yes, if you know Nola, you should know the reaper.” The kapro said again. “Nola…yes we know her, but she didn’t tell us about the reaper.” Fury said. They discussed about the reaper. “Hmm..maybe I can help you defeat the reaper. By the way, my name is Joe.” He said. “Even though you only need 4 people for this prophecy, b u t, you can ALWAYS use another buddy.” Joe said. “Sorry for stealing this. It’s apart of my collection. Now all you need to do, is defeat the reaper. Also I’ll have that.” Joe took the dead Meso from Fury’s jaws and ate it. “Mmm. That’s a good taste.” Joe said. “What about those velanasaurs that were chasing us?” Fury asked. “Those velanasaurs that were chasing you, they were apart of the reaper’s army.” Joe answered. “Ok, it’s getting dark, we should look for somewhere to sleep.” Anubis muttered. They looked for a cave to be in for the night. “Oh! I completely forgot about finding Nola! I wanted to show her that we found everyone! A n d, that I’m not useless!” Fury said. “It’s too late now Fury. We have to sleep now.” Anubis muttered again. Everyone was tired. Joe found a cave to be in. “Maybe Nola is in this cave.” Joe said. But most of the people were asleep. “Oh, everyone is asleep. Well, good night.” Joe whispered. They slept intill morning.

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