Jointed mysteries

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Jointed mysteries

Idk why I never write this story so much 😂🤣😂 -SpecialRaptor

Chapter 19

Fury wondered where the dragon would first get an obelisk piece. ‘Hmm,..maybe she would start at the red one! No no,..the green one! No wait..’ he had trouble thinking. “What’s the problem Fury?” Anubis asked Fury. “Nothing..just trouble thinking..” “about?” He asked. “Where we should start searching..I mean, I am the captain here, right?” “Of course! I was thinking she’d start at the red one.” Anubis said. “Same! But, it’s between red and green..they are great ones to start at, but I don’t know witch and where to start!” He roared. “Shhh, Mia is resting. Remember? We’re in a CAVE.” “Oh yeah..sorry..” Fury whispered. “its ok” Anubis forgives him. “I think we should start at the white obelisk.” Sorrow whispered. “Good thinking! But, red is best to start at.” “No green!” Fury roared. “WHITE!” “GREEN!” “RED!” they argued for a few hours.


“Wait, did you guys hear that?” Fury asked. “What? Hear what?” “A distant roar.” The two were confused. “Wait, a ROAR?” and so then, it sneaked right behind them! Mia woke up in a flash. “WHAT IS THAT?” She roared. “Wha-’’ he paused. “WHAT THE HECK?” Shuttle freaked.

“That is the bee called “Beyla”.” Sorrow mentioned. It started to summon it’s minions. “MINI BEES! AHHHHH! wait, their little aren’t they?” Shuttle asked. “Oh yeah, littler than us! We can beat this battle!” Fury shouted. They clawed, bit, pecked, and squeezed all they could. Fury used all his fighting techniques he learned from his mother a long time ago. Bee blood was everywhere in the cave. They could barely see. Fury and Anubis could see in the dark because they lived in a cave filled with their own kind. “We should go out the entrance! It’ll be MUCH safer!” Sorrow roared. They ran in a flash! Fury looked behind him and took his last sight of the dark remembering his own home in the kingdom, then he ran outside the cave. His scales were filled with the sunlight shining on him. Anubis was a champion. He clawed the queen bee with all his might and power. And the bee called her minions for retreat. “We won!” Roared the crowd. They ran off in a flash to look for a new place to rest. On the trip thy saw some colorful lions. “What are thoughs?” Fury asked. “They are shadowmanes. Not colorful lions if that’s what your thinking.” Sorrow said. “I wasn’t. I was thinking of what they were capable of.” “Your a mind reader sorrow! That’s what I was thinking of!” Shuttle said. “Ugh..” they traveled to the huddle of shadowmanes in the colorful plains. “Ahh! Get off me!” Fury struggled. “Hey!” Anubis roared. “What’s are you doing? What is your problem?” Mia shouted. “Their capturing us!” Shuttle said. “Stand down! Tell your presents or be destroyed!” It shouted. “What?? I don’t get you!” Fury roared. “You know what I mean! Now tell us!” “No!” Anubis said. “We won’t!” “Then we’ll take you to the queen!” It shouted.

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