First of all, that game has one point.

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First of all, that game has one point. Defeat whatever mobile stuff is there. We can switch to free dlc to dlc. Second of all, I never said it didn't have challenges. Are you deaf? I said it didn't have good/better stuff. I said that it costs to have god console. Third of all, STOP SAYING IT WAS MADE BY WILDCARD ALRIGHT? IT'S MADE BY WAR DRUM STUDIOS, that's for everyone. Fourth of all, you srsly just started an argument where you state something I did not say, and spread it around, I'm gathering all console and pc players with me. No conflict here, just trying to state that both are equal, not something that's harder than the other. I see you like starting arguments. I'm pretty sure that our dragon, manticore and mega are just as strong as dungeons, at it's gamma state. Also I am 100% sure you dont need tek armour while running into dungeons but you definitely do with the king titan. Just saying.

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