Rathalos (S1 Ep6)

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Rathalos (S1 Ep6)

Episodes are in alphabetical dossier

“Ooooh no you don’t. Those wolves of yours destroyed my shop! I told you, we have the right to refuse business from ANYONE, and that includes you. So scram!” Said the Daily pursuiter Headmaster. “Sir, please. I need amber. Please.” Riker begged. She would not sit there while Rathalos’s implant expired. “No. GUARD! Show this young lady the door.” Riker hated the headmaster. She stared daggers at him as his guard threw her out of the door. “Ugh.” She HAD to bring Rathalos back! But... how? And then she saw a faint glimmer in the distance... an obelisk. She traveled there and found... some sort of... key? She picked it up, and soon realized her mistake as she was thrown deep underground...

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