Heroes of Pandora

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Heroes of Pandora

—the cast (aka the voices)—

I know moon just did this too not trying to copy but I’m too tired to write an entire chapter and this sounded fun plus I meant to do this when I introduced the characters to begin with but I always forget…

Caesar: sorry guys I have absolutely no idea how to explain his voice 😂 it’s kind of a sarcastic type voice idk.. the voice I imagine is the voice I made up this character Halt in the rangers apprentice book series and I don’t know how I came up with it so..

Ron: his voice has that accent that most talking birds have kind of like a slight parrot voice maybe idk very slight parrot accent though oh! Just figured it out the dodos from ice age! that’s it.

Nash: he has a medival accent in my head 🤷🏻‍♂️

Ping: I explained his voice. it’s shrill, annoying, loud.. like him!

Jaxz: trying to think of a well known person to explain but I’m drawing a blank.. he has a African American accent ish idk how to explain (ps Jaxz is pronounced jax but with a vampirey twist)

The dragon/apex: classic super deep villain voice think darth vader, darkside etc

Bones: idk if you guys caught this already from how I wrote his dialogue but he’s an old black and white movie gangster mob boss guy 😂

Salizar: Zahir I think that’s how it’s spelled not going to Netflix to figure that out.. anyway he’s the S3 villain of the “avatar the last airbender” spin-off series legend of kora sorry if that’s obscure I know avitar is big rn.. anyway sorry but that’s his voice to a T

The gigantopithicus: Australian accents, all of em

The sea serpents: Ninjago serpentine accents

Last one: count Phasma and the other desmodus: Dracula, duh

Bonus: those microraptors from the first chapter bones showed up: New Yorker accents


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