A Broken Memory

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A Broken Memory

Chapter 2

Crimson sat next to ZMDE out of Cooper's room, exchanging worried glances.

"How do you think Cooper's going to hang on?" Crimson asked ZMDE, his friend.

"I don't know," ZMDE admitted, fiddling with his thumbs. "He got shot really hard." His dark, black hair was greasy and muddy, stained from the fighting.

"Hm, you think we can check on the man?" Crimson questioned, glancing at the door from his jerboa-hide seat. ZMDE nodded. "I'll ask."

As Crimson watched ZMDE go away, he thought what his family was doing. His little brother, Steve, also known as Lil Steve, was always worried he might not come back. Crimson was adopted into the family; it was obvious. His hair and skin tone matched nothing like his family's.

ZMDE walked back to Crimson. "We can go in there," he said. "The bullets have been removed."

Crimson got out of his chair and limped away on his sprained foot. It had been sprained after falling in a crevice due to enemy fire.

Stumbling in, he saw Cooper in a hospital bed.

The nurse walked up to the two. "There's just one thing you should remember," she said. "He.. He's lost his memory. We have no idea how- we think there might have been a toxin in the bu-"

Crimson's eyes widened. He shouldered past the nurse and limped up to Cooper with his crutches. Blood-stained patches were along his body.

"Cooper? Are you okay, buddy?" Crimson asked, inspecting him. Cooper's eyes were hardly open.

"Who are you?" He wheezed. "I'm your friend, Crimson." Crimson replied. "ZMDE, come here. Please help him." ZMDE had a profession with toxins, poisons, venoms, and more. Cooper was the guy with a gun- he was a sniper. Crimson, well, he was the smart one; he planned out everything and knows pretty much exactly what the enemy is going to do, for most of the time.

Cooper coughed, struggling to breathe.

"One got his left lung," the nurse explained, "and another skimmed the right one."

"Will we ever get Cooper back?" ZMDE asked, looking at the bullets.

The nurse glanced over. "There is one possibility.."

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