Ok, I'm trying to get them to CALM DOWN because THIS IS…

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Ok, I'm trying to get them to CALM DOWN because THIS IS RESOLVED and I can imagine being in your position to having being screamed at by several fanfictioners, but yes we do give each other tips and small things but mostly it's if they need them, if they don't we just encourage them on like Skronkmaster in Ferox section to Big Blue Spider. But it's a bit of both, I guess, it's like we work on our own stories and take any tips to try to make our story better, and you read our stories before posting and think, "Can I replace this word with a descriptive word?" Or "I'll make another sentance after that event so I can describe more." and "Typo, better fix that."

And since you like Horizon Zero Dawn, Horizon Forbidden West takes place on the West Coast of the U.S. and features new creatures and a flying mount. Only available on PS5, though.


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