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First of all, it's a girl(ikr, suprising).

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First of all, it's a girl(ikr, suprising). Second of all, sure, have your own opinions. OK. Do you have to voice them? No. Are you trying to get attention, stop my story or just annoy me? I have the right as everyone else to make fanfictions how I want them and haters must back off. Use some other website or not look in story tips, GOT IT? Also yes A Journey to the Abberation Trench sucks and just read my better stories if you just hate A Journey to the Abberation Trench, since yeah I had no idea what I was doing. But any fanfictioner will not tolerate haters and haters must be dealt with.


-Seasnake and my other names. I have the right to have a billion names but just call me Seasnake

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