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Journey to the Abberation Trench

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Journey to the Abberation Trench

Chapter 1(redo since I cant find it):

The waves on the shore of the Great River turned and twisted as a huge orange yutyrannus walked on a ledge of a well-fortified base. A red spino walked up to the yutyrannus. "Furbeak, what is going on?" He asked. "I will tell the tribe in a second, Mosa." (You may remember Mosa from in Spino Stories a story/prequel is there containing my spinos, this is a fan fiction but I did make this trip) Mosa nodded. "We are still grieving for Bubbles Jr. Eel will be sad when he hears about it." Furbeak called a meeting. The tribe mumbled under him. Toast, a carno, flexed his small claws. The Claws of Fire (wings of fire refrence), also known as the allosaur pack, talked beneath them. "We are going to the Abberation Trench to fetch a few unlucky travelers in this tribe to be stuck there. Toast,Allosaurs,Tinyclaw and I will leave at dawn." Furbeak announced.

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