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The Journey to the Abberatio Trench

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The Journey to the Abberatio Trench

Chapter nine(I'm starting to lose track):

"Ace! Eel!" Lydorius screamed. "I have to run down and help and heal them, now!" Without waiting for an answer, Lydorius ran off the bridge, down the slope, and in the tall mushroom tree forest. His feet hurt from sprinting, but he saw a sail. "Eel! Ace!" Healing herbs were in his mouth as he ran over. Eel was bloody, unmoving, still, cold, with his eyes looking at nothing while they were glazed and horrified. Ace stood up, he had lots of blood, half as much as Eel, but he had a broken leg. He looked at Lydorius. "I fell on Eel. Eel broke his neck. Nothing we can do. Help my leg, please!" He stumbled down as Lydoriusput some seeds in his mouth for pain. He put herbs om his leg and fixed it. He was able to walk, but it would still hurt for Ace. They walked up the slope and met the others on the bridge. "Eel snapped his neck. Ace's leg is broken." He reported.

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