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The Journey to the Abberation Trench

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The Journey to the Abberation Trench

Chapter eight:

Furbeak slowed down. "Hey, Brokentail, is it?"

The ravager stopped. "Who are you?" He growled. "I'm Furbeak, that's Eel, Acce, Toast, Lydorius, Artimer, and Artemis."

The ravager calmed down. "You can call me Brokentail, if you would like. I have no tail, and never had a name. Sun Tree is my old human, I wait for him, he never comes back. I want to see light again.." Furbeak nodded. "I'm sorry about what you went through," he started. "We are here to take you to the sun. Back outside, with another human." Brokentail bounced. "Lovely!"

They started back, finally, the journey here became a journey back home. They walked across a human- made metal beidge. It was small and slippery. Eel slipped and grabbed on to the side of the bridge in a haste. "Help me!" He screamed. Ace ran over and grabbed his claws. He started to pull him up and slipped and fell off the bridge with Eel. Their screams echoed away into a thump at the bottom.

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