The Journey to the Abberation Trench

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The Journey to the Abberation Trench

Chapter five:

Furbeak gasped. He had seen this before- when he was here with his human. His old human- released him. Whe he saw the karkinos before, it killed his brother- Turkeytail. They were close, and he wanted revenge. He had a mate now, back at home. He had to get back to her safely. He ran at the karkinos, the others close behind, stretching their claws and baring their teeth. They killed all three with a few scratches, not much, they could keep going. They walking in the water, killing eels attacking along the way. They made it to a waterfall, then took a right up a swirling slope. They then took a left across the source of the small waterfall and found a spino. A beautiful glowing spino. He looked up with a smile. "Who might you be? Are you coming to get me back out?" The spino said. Furbeak nodded. "You are Eel, correct?" Furbeak wondered outloud. The spino nodded. "Yesserie, I sure am, now let's get our happy little tails out of here!"

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